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Caswell Restaurant Group is a high concept culinary hospitality development and management firm. It has attracted a national spotlight to Newburyport, MA where BRINE, an Oyster, Crudo and Chop mercantile bar, is located. Our newest restaurant, Oak + Rowan, brings a modern celebration of all things land + sea for our introduction into Boston.

Lead by Nancy Batista-Caswell as Managing Director and hands-on Proprietor, the Company’s establishments are built to achieve the highest standards for operational and service excellence. In addition to its chefs being invited to cook at the James Beard House, Ceia and BRINE have received numerous ‘best’ awards for their culinary, wine and overall experiences.

Caswell Restaurant Group practices these tenants of business:

  • ENHANCE THE COMMUNITY: knowing the neighborhood and supporting local businesses is critical to becoming a contributing and valued asset to its residents and partners. From Tendercrop Farm to Essex Brewing Company to East Dennis Oyster Farm, we go out of our way source from local fishermen, farmers, cheesemakers and distillers.
  • STEWARD PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: providing a pathway for talent development is how your staff commits to your business and customers in a personal and caring way.
  • ALWAYS SERVE THE BEST: a restaurant’s reputation is tied to the consistency and caliber of its culinary offering. Each guest is a first time impression to be won. Top quality beverages served by informed staff to complement dynamic menus of superior foods that are authentically prepared are essential ingredients for success.
  • DELIVER WHAT GUESTS WANT: prompt yet unobtrusive service by professional staff that has actually tasted what they serve. A comfortable and appealing environment. Great memories from a special dining and social experience, with many reasons to come back and tell others.
Oak + Rowan